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Music, Aging and Wellness

November 17, 2018 | CIGI Campus, Waterloo, ON

The connection between music and well-being at any age is universal. As we age, music becomes an essential and intentional way to strengthen quality of life and meaning. Music helps address aging issues such as cognitive health, rehabilitation, dealing with grief and loss, and reducing isolation and loneliness.

Why a Music Care Conference

WHAT? The Music Care Conference is a one day conference bringing together care partners interested in the role music has in quality of living and care.

WHY? Music is increasingly being recognized in health care communities as an effective means of care. Music care is an approach that uses music with intention, knowing that therapeutic principles of sound and music affect us and can have specific outcomes. Music care integrates sound, silence and music into life, paying close attention to how interpersonal connections and human contact is enhanced through music associations.

WHO? The Music Care Conference is for anyone who wants to learn more about the role music plays in care. Participants include allied healthcare providers, family and volunteer caregivers, care receivers, musicians, faith-based and community agencies, students and the community-at-large.

Room 217

Room 217 is a music-based health arts organization and social enterprise. We provide an innovative approach to health and well-being called music care. Music care enhances quality of life and improves the care experience.

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